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Navagraha Puja

A prehistoric artist's conceptualization of the NinePlanets. (Sun,Moon,Angaraka,Budha, Guru,Shukra,Shani,Rahu,Ketu) The days of the week are named after them starting from Surya(Sun) for Sunday, Chandra(Moon) for Monday, Angaraha(Mars) for Tuesday, Budha(Mercury) for Wednesday, Guru(Jupiter) for Thrusday, Sukra(Venus) for Friday and Sani(Saturn) for Saturday. In Hindu Mythology the planets are considered as having a great inescapable influence on every individual's life. The nine "grahas" or planets in our horoscope(Jatakam/Kundli)control our karma, our desires and their outcomes. Each of these nine planets exerts an influence in our lives, which is called "dasa" and it can be known from one's horoscope. Navagraha Puja is undertaken to reduce the negative effects and improve the positive energies related to a person.

Many a times we hear people say our time is running bad. These bad times are attributed to the different Grahas (Planets), and their position in the current time. These Grahas can be appeased by performing the Grah shanti Puja.There are 2 ways to perform this Puja. If you know which Graha is affecting you unfavorably, then tell us the name and we can perform the Puja for you. The other way is for us to find out from your Janma Patri (Horoscope/Jatakam) and then perform the Puja for the particular Graha. For example “Shani Graha” , when it reaches certain position in space in relation to other planets, persons falling within its malevolent influence are supposed to suffer all kinds of difficulties for seven and a half years. By doing this navagraha Puja doshas are removed and good results will accrue. Rahu and Ketu are called shadow planets. One and half hours in a day is attributed to be influenced by Rahu which is called Rahu kalam. During this period Indians never perform any auspicious event.

Each planet has a favorite color, grain,food, flower and metal. Devotees offer these during poojas to appease a malevolent planet which they call Graha Shanti

To Know the favorite color, grain,food, flower and metal of Navagrahas Please Click Here

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